Confined Space Entry with Escape and Full Breathing Apparatus Training

This programme is designed for managers, supervisors and operatives who may need to enter or supervise the entry into Confined Spaces and carry out a variety of work activities including maintenance and cleansing operations, building and refurbishment work, routine inspections, CCTV operations, flow monitoring and surveys.


To enable the delegates to achieve and demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to safely enter into, work in, exit and carry out rescue procedures in a confined space using a safe system of work.


On completion of the course the delegates should be able to describe to others and systematically demonstrate the following to the standards required for certification as competent:

  • Prepare, plan, select and organise people and equipment to carry out work in a confined space meeting the requirements of current legislation, Safety Procedures, Safe Systems of Work and the business needs.
  • Safely Enter, Work in and Exit a confined space using full Working Breathing Apparatus.
  • Safely plan, organise, assist emergency services and carry out a rescue from a confined space.

Attendance of this in-depth course will provide each delegate with:

  • Basic understanding of health and safety legislation relevant to work in confined spaces.
  • The ability to identify and assess confined spaces.
  • An understanding of atmospheric, physical and biological hazards.
  • How to plan and implement safe systems of work.
  • The practical use of specialised safety equipment, including Access Equipment, Breathing Apparatus and Gas Monitors.
  • How to deal with accidents and emergencies.
  •  The ability to enter and work safely and efficiently in confined spaces.

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  • Review and update delegates on current safety legislation.
  • Classification and definition of Breathing Apparatus in accordance with current standards.
  • Classification and definition of irrespirable atmosphere.
  • Physiology of respiration.
  • Theory and construction of Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus.
  • Practical exercise – safety requirements when using CABA in a confined space
  • Practical exercise – safety requirements during search and rescue and removal of a casualty from a confined space.
  • After use care and maintenance of CABA equipment.
  • Assessment for Certification.

Course Literature:

  • Confined Spaces Guidance Notes.
  • Safe Work in Confined Spaces
  • Breathing Apparatus Guidance Notes


  • Explanation.
  • Practical Exercise.
  • Assessment of competence.

Training Aids:

  • Classroom.
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Flip Chart.
  • Video.
  • Confined space entry equipment.
  • Exercises.
  • Delegate Assessment Forms.


Two or Three Days depending on client requirements


Maximum of 10 delegates.


Trade Safety Ltd will supply all equipment necessary for practical exercises ie Tripod, Winch, Fall Arrester, 10 minute Escape Set for each delegate, Full Breathing Apparatus for each delegate, Rescue Harness for each delegate and a 4 sensor Gas Monitor.

All delegates must bring OVERALLS, HARD-HAT, BOOTS


On successful completion of this course a Trade Safety Ltd Training Certificate and Card will be issued.

Download Confined Space Entry Including Escape & Full Working Breathing Apparatus Training – High Risk PDF

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