Abrasive Wheels Training

Abrasive wheels training provides participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude to enable operative use of the abrasive wheel safely.The provision and use of work equipment implicitly requires that any person using a piece of work equipment that presents a significant risk to the user must be trained and that the training covers not only the use but also any hazards arising from the use and the precautions to be observed. It is not adequate to assume that because a person has a qualification in a trade, that they are competent with any tools related to that trade. This is especially true of power tools. With this in mind, this training takes a generic approach to training with power tools to enable the person to be aware of the hazards and precautions.


Abrasive Wheels Training Course provides participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude to enable operative use of the abrasive wheel safely. It also provides an understanding of abrasive wheels instructing delegates in all aspects of the correct mounting, setting and use of abrasive wheels.


The objectives of the training are to give trainees:
1. an understanding of the requirements of the regulations
2. an understanding of the risks associated with Power Tools
3. an understanding of the hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels
4. the ability to identify the methods of marking abrasive wheels
5. the ability to store, handle and transport abrasive wheels correctly
6. the ability to test and inspect wheels for damage
7. the ability to mount an abrasive wheel and a knowledge of the function of the components
8. the ability to dress a wheel
9. the ability to adjust the rest correctly

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  1. Safety Legislation – Regulations
  2. Proper methods relating to the mounting of abrasive wheels.
  3. Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels and precautions which should be observed.
  4. Use of PPE and Basic Safety principles
  5. Methods of marking abrasive wheels as to type and speed.
  6. Methods of storing, handling and transporting abrasive wheels.
  7. Methods of inspecting and testing abrasive wheels to check for damage.
  8. Flanges, washers, bushes and nuts used in mounting of an abrasive wheels.
  9. The adjustment of the rest of an abrasive wheel.
  10. Practical training session, from which all delegates will be assess


2.5 Hours


10 maximum per course


Grinders & Disc Cutter


On successful completion of this course Trade Safety Ltd will issue Certificates to each delegate, which, are valid for 3 years

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