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Face Fit testing

Face fit testing is ensuring the correct size and fit of an RPE face mask for individual wearers.


It uses air as the challenge agent, instead of counting any particles present inside the mask.

A truly portable system, Quantifit offers many advantages over traditional ambient aerosol counting methods. 

The ability to perform fit tests indoors or outdoors and being ready to use after a simple one-minute daily calibration.

Therefore, We are dedicated to the delivery of Face Fit Testing services 
As well as that, this 
will help companies comply with the requirements of legislation and industry regulations.

RPE such as disposable filtering face pieces (FFPs)

Reusable half-masks and full-face masks have been standard pieces of protective equipment within many working environments for years. 

However, according to the BSIF,

In addition, research indicates that a significant amount of the RPE in use does not offer the user the expected level of protection because it does not fit properly.

What is Face Fit Testing? 

Undoubtedly, everybody is different so there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. 

Furthermore, if the RPE leaks it may be down to poor fit, so ensuring it is properly assessed for everyone is a vital and legally required step in the UK. This process is known as Fit Testing. 

In addition, A fit test should be carried out on any individual who is required to wear tight-fitting RPE which relies on a good seal between the mask and the wearer’s skin. 


  • The test should be carried out at the mask selection stage, 
  • Before a particular type of respirator, whether a disposable mask, 
  • Half mask or full mask is used for the first time. 

A range of suitable mask options should be on offer for the wearer to try.

However, they must separate appropriate measures should be taken to make sure it is being worn correctly

Face Fit Testing
Face fit Testing front
Face Fit Testing Back
Face fit testing 4

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