Risk Assessments/Safety Audits

Risk Assessments – Statutory Requirements
Sections 19 & 20 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, oblige all employers and self-employed persons to prepare a Safety Statement based on “an identification of hazards and an assessment of the risks to safety and health at the place of work to which the safety statement relates”.

Why carry out Risk Assessments?

  • To identify all hazards and potential hazards at the work place and to assess whether there has been enough done to reduce the risk or whether improvements is necessary to protect all persons.
  • To ultimately prevent dangerous occurrences, illness and accidents.

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We provide a third party objective review of your Health and Safety systems and procedures by carrying out safety audits and risk assessments at your site/premises and providing advice on various issues such as fire and emergency plans, training requirements, correct types of safety equipment required etc.

This will help ensure compliance with all health and safety legislation and regulations.

The objective of these audits is to inspect all safety issues on site in order to assess the level of risk involved and to provide advice with regard to safety on site in the ultimate hope of reducing the level of accidents on construction sites and business premises.

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