Confined Space Training

Trade Safety offer a number of different confined space training courses,

These courses consist of confined space public course and this last for medium one day, 

Confined space medium that lasts for one day and high risk two days. 

What the learning outcomes of this training course are as follows: 

  • Relevant Health and Safety legislation and guidelines 
  • Safe systems of work
  • Recognition of Confined Space
  • Confined Spaces risk level classification 
  • Understanding the hazards associated with confined spaces and the impact on the procedure 
  • Awareness of dangers of Confined Space
  • In-depth knowledge of Gas Detection Equipment, settings and start up
  • Atmospheric Testing and Ventilation procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements for various Atmosphere’s
  • The use of all standard Confined Space Equipment.
  • Appropriate manning levels and individual roles and responsibilities
  • Use of Escape Set and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus 
  • Prepare and use full working breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications
  • Access and Egress equipment including tripods and rope-based hauling systems
  • Enter and exit Low, Medium and High-Risk confined spaces safely.


  • Carry out a practical Risk Assessment, populate a permit to work and produce a Method Statement for safe entry into Confined Spaces. 
  • Selecting the correct Gas Detector for your Confined Space conditions
  • Correct setting up Confined Space equipment for safe entry
  • Gas Sampling considerations before entry into Confined Space
  • Carry out pre-entry testing and constant air monitoring
  • Controlling entry into Confined Spaces
  • Safety entry into Low, Medium and High Risk Confined Space
  • Work safely in Confined Spaces
  • To carry out a rescue from a Low Risk Confined Space 
  • How to carry out a self-rescue from a Medium Risk Confined Space 
  • Low, Medium and High-Risk Scenarios using Escape Set and Full Breathing Apparatus

Confined Space Training

Theory and Practical


Skill Level

1 Day

medium Risk

2 Days

high Risk




The Confined Space Entry training aims to, give an overview of the hazards associated with confined space entry. Ensure people are capable of putting in place safe work practices. Therefore, ensuring a safe place of work when working in confined spaces as it applies to the workplace. There is both Medium and high risk training that is available. Also, Trade Safety do Confined Space City and Guilds courses find out more here

Completing this course will help you:

Learning Path

The training will begin with some online presentation slides. This will give the trainee an introduction into confined space training / the dangers / equipment that will be used. The trainee will be given their own rescue harness, this harness as a rescue loop that will allow the person to be attached to a connector to be lowered down into the confined space via a tripod or rescue davit. The trainee will be shown how to conduct safe level checks for any harmful gases using a gas monitor that could cause issues when going into the confined space. The trainee then will be introduced to using Escape sets and their purposes and how to use them. Also, the trainee will be introduced to the different BA (Breathing Apparatus Sets) that could / will be used in different confined space work / situations. The trainee will be shown how to clean / check the equipment for damage before use. 

 5 Min read to complete

The trainee will then put on their harness / BA equipment and walk around the premises to get an understanding / feel for the equipment. Each person will take turns being elevated / lowered by a tripod through the use of the rescue loop on their harness. The trainees will then be shown the confined space tunnel in which they will do a number of tasks as laid out by the trainer. After this a BA trailer will be introduced and the trainees will do another set of tasks as laid out by the trainer. 

4 Min read to complete

When the course is complete the trainee will receive their certification in the post. 

 1 Min read to complete

Training room(s) / equpiment that will be used

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