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Fire Extinguisher Training provides basic awareness in terms of fire safety along with practical training including discharge of fire extinguishers.

In the modern workplace, any unsuspecting employee, acting in good faith when coming across a fire, might reach and grab the nearest fire extinguisher from its fire point, aim the unit at the fire and press the trigger thinking they are dealing with the issue, whereas the reality is that they may actually be making matters a great deal worse for themselves and their colleagues.

Completing this course will help you:

Learning Path

The trainees will be shown the Fire Safety Legislation that they must be aware of before using any fire extinguishers. 

2 Min read to complete

This is very important for the trainee to know as this will determine how they can tackle the fire safety and most effectively.   

2 Min read to complete

The trainee will learn what to do if a fire occurs, how to act and not to panic.

2 Min read to complete

The trainee will be taught that they must raise the alarm to warn others of the situation that they is a fire.  

2 Min read to complete

The trainee will be taught to evacuate if the fire is unfightable with a fire extinguisher. 

 2 Min read to complete

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