Safety Officer

Contractors must appoint in writing a competent person as a Safety Officer in compliance with Section 26 of the Construction Regulations, 2013 if it normally has under its direct control
– more than 20 persons on any one site at any one time or
– more than 30 persons engaged in construction work over multiple sites

Our safety officer services will ensure that all procedures on your site are in order and in accordance with all current legislation and Codes of Practice.

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We will ensure:

  •  maintenance of all records on site,
  •  carrying out induction training for all employees, subcontractors and visitors,
  •  monitoring subcontractor activities to ensure compliance with site safety rules,
  •  acquisition of any safety equipment required and
  •  coordinating any training requirements.

Once appointed there would be unannounced daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly site visits to carry out site safety inspections, update files, carry out any inductions or toolbox talks required, ensure communication between all parties etc.

Initially regular visits would be required to ensure all inductions are done and site is being run safely etc.  Then less frequently to ensure all paperwork is in order and that all procedures on site are in place.  The frequency and number of visits required depends on the stage of construction, competence of supervision on site, number of high risk activities etc and can be agreed as the project progresses.

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