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ForkLift training Course

Trade Safety offer a Forklift training course, this forklift training course will last for 1 day and this course will contain, 2 : 1 bases 


  • Carry out pre use checks
  • Refuel/recharge Forklifts safely
  • Operate a Forklift safely, reducing the risk of damage or injury to operators and pedestrians and increase the efficiency of Forklift Truck Operators
  • Use safe operating techniques and habits
  • Correctly position Forklift in relation to task requirements
  • Stack & destack, Load & unload various loads
  • Handle awkward loads
  • Identify hazards associated with the use of forklifts
  • Identify the maximum loads that the Forklift will lift at various load centres and heights.
  1. Greater Productivity, When an accident occurs, thousands can be lost
    in a matter of seconds. That’s why taking the time to ensure operators are
    properly trained is a smart investment
  2. Decreased maintenance Costs, forklifts repairs can be expensive, especially when they’re unplanned. Operators who undergo safety training are less likely to damage product or forklift equipment.
  3. Lower Insurance Costs, Many insurance companies will lower the cost of your worker’s
    compensation coverage if you can provide proof of operator safety training

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