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mewp training

Trade Safety offer an MEWP course, this training course will run for the duration of 1 day. 

The aim of this training course is to provide the participant with knowledge, skills,
and attitude to enable them to operate the MEWP (Mobile Elevated Working
Platform) (3A & 3B) in a competent and safe manner.

To provide delegates with the essential knowledge required to operate
various types of MEWPs under two IPAF categories 3a Mobile Vertical and 3b
Mobile Boom categories efficiently and safely. 

The main learning outcomes of this course are as follows: 

  • Understand the different types of MEWP
  • Understand the hazards of MEWP use
  • Demonstrate appropriate pre-use checks on an Mobile Elevated Work Platforms and complete a checklist
  • Use the correct anchor point on an Mobile Elevated Work Platform and don an appropriate safety harness
  • Maneuverer an MEWP safely – raising, lowering, traversing appropriately.

Why MEWP training is very important in the work place:

  • Training is extremely helpful to employees as it helps in improving their skills and reduces the risks of accidents. For a company, it’s essential to use resources like MEWP which could be extremely helpful equipment in the workplace. When talking about machines, think about some of them which could reach places with limited access. MEWP or Mobile Elevated Work Platform is one such equipment which could be used both in indoor and outdoor.

  • MEWP could be considered as a crucial investment that an employer can do for his organisation. With the help of this equipment, the work could be made simple for the worker and help them in eliminating the risks or accidents in the workplace. 

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