Confined Space Training Medium Risk is for people whose work requires them to enter a confined space, including employees, managers, supervisors and rescuers should attend this course. The course is designed as an introduction to working safely in confined spaces.

Confined Space refers to any place, including any vessel, tank, container, pit, bund, chamber, cellar or any other similar space which, by virtue of its enclosed nature creates conditions that give rise to a likelihood of an accident, harm or injury of such a nature as to require emergency action due to

the presence or reasonable foreseeable presence of:

  •  flammable or explosive atmospheres
  • harmful gas, fume or vapour
  • free flowing solid or an increasing level of liquid
  • excess of oxygen
  • excessively high temperature

the lack or reasonably foreseeable lack of oxygen

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Confined Space Training Medium Risk enables candidates to work safely with Confined Spaces and to carry out duties such as maintenance and cleaning operations, building and refurbishment work, routine inspections, CCTV operations , flow monitoring and surveys. in accordance with the regulations.


The objectives of the training are to give trainees:

  • Basic understanding of health and safety legislation relevant to work in confined spaces.
  • The ability to identify and assess confined spaces.
  • An understanding of atmospheric, physical and biological hazards.
  • How to plan and implement safe systems of work.
  • The practical use of specialised safety equipment, including Access Equipment, 10 Minute Escape Breathing Apparatus and Gas Monitors. BW Gas Alert Micro Clip
  • How to deal with accidents and emergencies.
  • The ability to enter and work safely and efficiently in confined spaces


  • Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Confined Spaces) Regulations, 2001
  • Code of Practice 2017
  • Definition & Identification of confined spaces
  • The hazards of confined spaces eg gases, asphyxiation
  • Planning – Prevention of the need for entry
  • The risk assessment
  • A safe system of work
  • Emergency and rescue procedures – escape
  • Permit to work procedure
  • Lock out –tag out
  • Equipment – Gas monitors, Rescue Harness, Breathing apparatus, Tripod, Winch, Pulley


One Day

A maximum of 10 delegates


Trade Safety Ltd will supply all equipment necessary for practical exercises.
All delegates must bring OVERALLS, HARD-HAT, BOOTS

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On successful completion of this course a Trade Safety Ltd Training Certificate and Card will be issued.

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